Thai Language & Social Media Strategy for Muay Thai

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Lesson series
  • Author: Chompu Sriyotee & Matt Lucas
  • Level: Beginner
  • Video time: 15 hours
  • Material: PDF
Course overview
This course is designed for Muay Thai enthusiasts, fighters, and trainers who want to enhance their communication skills in Thai language and develop effective social media strategies to promote the sport. 
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Who is this course for
  • Muay Thai practioners who want to learn Thai language
  • Muay Thai fighters that want sponsors and fights in Thailand
  • Gym owners who want to bring their athletes and students to Thailand

—Why should I take this course?

About the Course

Learning Thai Benefits

Social Media Benefits

When you finish this course
  • You will be able to talk to your trainers and understand them better during training
  • You will be able to travel through the country easier
  • You will be able to watch your favorite fights and fighters and understand the commentators and referees
When you finish this course 
  • You will be able to promote your Muay Thai content
  • You will be more attractive for sponsors and followers
  • You will have more ideas on what to post
  • You will understand analytics for Instagram
This course is designed for Muay Thai enthusiasts, fighters, and trainers who want to enhance their communication skills in Thai language and develop effective social media strategies to promote the sport.

Through interactive lessons, you will learn the fundamentals of the Thai language, including essential vocabulary, grammar, and conversational phrases specific to Muay Thai. Additionally, you'll discover the power of social media in building a strong online presence for your Muay Thai career, with insights into content creation, platform selection, community engagement, and effective marketing techniques.

By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with the linguistic proficiency and digital know-how to elevate your Muay Thai journey to new heights.

Course Features

  • Life-time access from any device
  • 5 Thai Language for Muay Thai lessons PDF files
  • 50 Content Prompts to grow your account
  • BONUS - Workshop for Marketing
  • Q&A 
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Meet the Instructors

Chompu Sriyotee

Kru Chom is a former Muay Thai fighter. She trained in Thailand and fought overseas in Germany. She now runs a successful language school in Thailand and still trains out of the famed Kiatphontip gym in Bangkok. 

Matt Lucas

Matt is a former professional Muay Thai fighter. His bouts took him to Isaac, Phuket, Rajadamnern, Max Muay Thai and other venues. He is a co owner of Muay Thai Gram and the Director for Public Relations at Fairtex Training Center in Pattaya. His work in media has taken him around the world and ringside for the best fights. 

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Learning Thai with chom was essential for me navigating Muay Thai in Thailand. Not only that it helped me in the workplace as well, it was really great for building professional relationships with Thais. One more thing to add is that Social Media has been a great opportunity for me to connect to the Muay Thai world again and tell fighters stories, it has also given me many job opportunities.
Joe Comerford
Matt is one of the hardest working content creators I’ve met. He’s creative, always trying new concepts and is genuinely passionate about social media and marketing. His fun take to socials is unique and never boring.
Spring Sia
Learning Thai has helped me in all aspects of my Muay Thai life. Everything from getting a better understanding of Muay Thai techniques, to Muay Thai officiating, commentary and interviews. These days it helps me inside my own gym in dealing with staff, suppliers and getting fights for athletes.
Andrew Parnham

Frequently asked questions

I’ve never studied Thai before - Can I learn Thai from this course?

Yes! This course is for people who have never studied or only know a little.

I’ve never fought Muay Thai or trained is this course for me?

This course will help you on your Muay Thai journey from day 1 to being full time in Thailand. 

I don’t have a social media account. I’m not active on it. Is it worth my time? 

Yes. We show the power of social media and how to get sponsorships through it. In addition we make it easy for you to develop yourself on social media.

Speak Thai during Muay Thai training & Grow your social media accounts for sponsors!

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