Speaking Thai Level 1.1

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Course overview
  • Author: Kru Chom
  • Level: Beginner A1.1
  • Study time: 1 month
  • Video time: 10 hrs
Course overview
This comprehensive course is perfect for beginners looking to start their Thai language journey. Immerse yourself in practical conversations, useful vocabulary, and essential grammar. Kru Chom will guide you with interactive lessons and cultural insights, ensuring you gain confidence in speaking Thai from day one. Start speaking Thai with confidence and fluency today!"
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Who this course is for
This course is tailored for adult non-native speakers who aspire to initiate learning the Thai language to communicate proficiently with Thai speakers in their daily life. Additionally, it caters to those who wish to understand Thai culture along with language acquisition.

Why should I take this course?

What you'll learn

After this course

  • Introduce themselves and greet others
  • Ask and answer basic questions
  • Talk about themselves and their families
    • Describe daily activities and routines
    • Express the feelings
    • Tell the date and time
    A1 (Beginner)
    • Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions.
    • Can introduce themselves and others.
    • Can ask and answer basic questions about personal details.
    • Can interact in a simple way provided the other person speaks slowly and clearly

    Benefits of our Thai learning programs

    • Highly Engaging courses
    • Unique Learning Paths
    • Practical Course book
    • Exercises & Assignments
    • 24/7 Support
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    Designed with professionals in mind

    This course will help students develop a solid foundation in the Thai language and culture, and equip them with the skills necessary to continue learning and speaking Thai beyond the course.


    Learn the real conversation and useful phrases in Thai


    Easy-to-follow vocabulary list 

    Exercise to practice

    Test your knowledge after the the class
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    Lesson series

    Roadmap to Learn Thai

    Meet the instructor

    Kru Chom - Chompu Sriyotee

    Founder & Instructor
    Chompu Sriyotee is a renowned expert in teaching Thai to foreigners, having shared her expertise with individuals from over 32 countries. With an impressive track record, she has trained 145 teachers and successfully manages her own language school.

    Join us for a demo

    Come join us as we demonstrate some of the tricks the Pros use when improvising and composing art!

    Our school with your words

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    I loved Thai class with Kru Chom! Your energy and creativity in coming up with sentence examples were very engaging. You are a natural teacher and it's clear that your knowledge of Thai and English are strong.
    stephanie, usa
    Learning Thai with Kru Chom has been so much fun! The way she teaches is great and easy to follow along, the exercises are nice and she really knows how to keep students motivated. I highly recommend Kru Chom as a teacher and I'm already looking forward to our next classes together. 
    Matilda, finland
    I love learning Thai with Kru Chom, she is an amazing Thai teacher! She will help you have a deeper understanding of the language as well as the history and culture. 
    rachael , Scotland
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